About the Artist

Janet Rayner

Artist's Statement:

Through my art I seek and strive for refinement in myself and in my life.

I am an artist and a writer.

I grew up in the small town of Deep River, Connecticut, with four brothers and three sisters. I owe a great deal to my family for their support, critiques, and strangely enough, even to their doubts about my career choices.

I am self-taught, which means the only road maps I carry into the studio are the ones I've created over the years for myself. These maps have been drawn from a lifetime of experiences, observing the world's details, having a family, and dreaming my wild and vivid dreams.

My work spans many media, including oil paint, pastels, charcoal, pencil, ink, and sculpture. With both the visual arts and writing, I still feel the same exhilaration I did when I started on my artistic path as a teenager, and it is truly a gift. In my experience, 90% of producing art is brow furrowing perseverance and about 10% is headphones on, dancing around in my tiny Airstream trailer-studio celebrating my successes. Yet, when I draw, paint, or write, I reclaim a piece of my spirit.

During my lifelong artistic practice, I have also worked for arts organizations and taught art privately and in public schools. It's rewarding to see students observing the world through trained eyes, and then using that new perception to express themselves through art!

My 1956 Airstream Flying Cloud trailer has been my studio since 1988. It's a tiny workspace, barely larger than a sheet of plywood, and navigating around a piece of artwork in progress is like doing Tai Chi. Still, it's been a haven for my creativity for half a lifetime.

My most recent studio work has been creating charcoal illustrations for my novel, 'Dreaming Reverie.' Charcoal is a new medium for me, and I'm loving it!

"Be creative whenever you possibly can. Pick flowers and make arrangements, garden, write, scribble, learn to draw, pick up a brush, and paint something, even if it's just the walls of a room. Take whatever time you can to make this world a better place."

About the Art

Janet Rayner’s art has been exhibited in galleries and group shows across the United States and is in collections worldwide.

"Janet Rayner's work is stunning. Her impeccable detail, composition and color are matched by an element of mystery which invites the viewer to participate in the meaning of her powerful imagery." Suzanne Picetti, Gallery Owner, Blue Sky Art Gallery
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