About the Artist Janet Rayner

Artist's Statement:

Through my art I seek and strive for refinement in myself and in my life.

I am a self-taught artist. I have learned by reading books, observing the world, having a family and dreaming my wild dreams.  I have learned from other artists as well as from people who say that they “can’t draw a straight line.” I have learned by trial and error (and trial and success) working with mediums such as oil paint, pencil, pastel, glass and porcelain.

I have labored many years to hone my techniques.  The joy I experience when a piece comes together is extraordinary, making all the work that has led up to it worth the effort!

Since childhood I have had vivid dreams at night and graphic visions in my waking hours. Many of my paintings are the embodiment of these explorations of my psyche and spiritual reflections.

For nearly 35 years I had chosen oil painting as the vehicle for communicating the interplay of emotions, heart and psyche.
In February 2003 I started experimenting with soft pastels.  I found that some of my ideas could be expressed most effectively with pastel painting. I love using the sensual blends that are one of the classic qualities of pastel painting and adding some of the fine detail that has always been a benchmark of my work in oils.

To gain proficiency in the medium I chose simple motifs with subjects ranging from figure work to nature. Having reached a skill level that pleases me I am now continuing my more reflective work using pastel painting.

I teach art private lessons, group classes and I teach grant funded art programs in the local schools. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of teaching someone to draw what they see. It's rewarding for me to see my students observing the world differently; through trained eyes, and then using that new perception to express themselves through art!

About the Art

Janet Rayner’s art has been exhibited in galleries and group shows across the United States and is in collections worldwide.

"Janet Rayner's work is stunning. Her impeccable detail, composition and color are matched by an element of mystery which invites the viewer to participate in the meaning of her powerful imagery." Suzanne Picetti, Gallery Owner, Blue Sky Art Gallery